• Blue Raspberry
  • Vanilla Pink

Other flavors are available upon request.

  • 115 Volts / 12.5 AMPS / 60 Hz
  • 3 ft tall x 26 inches round
  • Do not put hands or objects in rotating spinner head.
  • Do not fill spinner head with sugar while it’s rotating.
  • Wear eye protection.
  • Do not put hands near rotating spinner head.
  • Use floss cone to collect cotton candy.

Delivery and pick-up of Rental items in Winona is $100.00. Outside of Winona, there is a travel time fee of $40.00 per hour and a mileage fee of $1.05 per mile.

All items are subject to weekly or long term rates, please Contact Steak Shop Catering & Food Service for pricing information if you are interested in renting equipment for long periods of time. Most pricing information below is based on a one day rental service.

**Additional charges may apply for specific delivery and pick-up times.

**25.00 deposit is required to reserve our machines**

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