At Steak Shop Catering, we provide our customers with personalized menus for all occasions. Check out any of our menus to see our wide selection of foods available. If you wish to have a food item that is not our menu, feel free to contact us.

Lunch Items

Lasagna Lunch: Lasagna, lettuce salad with dress-ing, garlic breadsticks (Veggie lasagna also available)

Spaghetti Lunch: Spaghetti noodles, meat sauce, lettuce salad with dressing, garlic breadsticks. (Meatless spaghetti also available)

Taco Salad Lunch: Tortilla salad bowl, taco meat filling, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, black olives, tortilla chips, cheese sauce, taco sauce, sour cream

Ham Lunch: Ham, scalloped potatoes, rolls, butter with choice of relishes & dip, carrot coins or green beans.

Chicken Breast Sandwich: Chicken breast, Bloedow’s hamburger bun, lettuce, tomato, condiments, rainbow pasta salad

Chicken Caesar Salad: lettuce, chicken breast, mandarin oranges, black olives, red onions, hard boiled eggs, shredded cheese, tomatoes, croutons, hard roll

Wraps: 1/2 wrap per person. Select meat and cheeses, lettuce, dressing, chips, (Rainbow pasta or potato salad) and fruit. (Beef also available)

Taco Lunch (hard & soft shell): Taco shells, taco meat filling, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, black olives, taco sauce, sour cream, tortilla chips and salsa, rice and beans.

Baked Chicken: Baked Chicken (2pc), (mashed potatoes & gravy or potato salad) (Cole slaw or rel-ishes & dip) rolls, butter

MYO Chef Salad: lettuce, ham & turkey, tomato wedges, cheese, onions, peas, hard boiled eggs, croutons, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, roll.

Pasta Bar: linguine and bow tie noodles, marinara and Alfredo sauce, meatballs or chicken, breadsticks, lettuce salad with dressing

Chicken Kiev or Cordon Bleu: Chicken Kiev (4 oz.), wild rice blend, California blend vegetable or relish-es & dip, rolls, butter

Ham & Meatball: Ham (4 oz.) meatballs (4 each) (mashed potatoes & gravy or Au gratin potatoes) choice of: carrot coins, green beans or corn, rolls, butter

Make Your Own Sandwich Tray: Meats, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, condiments, assorted Bloedow’s breads. (Soups are listed on back.)

Create Your Own Box Lunch: Premade Sandwiches 1 per serving, meat, cheese, lettuce, and condiments on Bloedow’s Large baldies bun, Bags of chips, cookie, whole fruit, american potato salad

Pulled Pork: Pulled pork, with Bloedow’s bun, choice of: coleslaw or potato salad, baked beans and chips.

Disposable place ware included with all lunch orders


Coffee w/ Cream & Sugar
Bottled Water
Can Soda
Milk (1%, 2%, Chocolate)
Punch +citrus & carbonation
Iced Tea
Hot Chocolate
Hot Apple Cider
Orange Juice
Gatorade Cambro
Powerade BottleBeverage Cambro
Ice Water in Cambro

Side Items:

Soups: Beef, Chicken, Cream Soup, Chicken Wild Rice Soup, Chili

Sides: Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Ind. Bags Chips, Relish & Dip, Lettuce Salad


Bars: Brownies, Chocolate Chip Bars, Lemon Bars, Lemon An-gel Bars, Dream Bars, Pumpkin Bars, and Applesauce Bars
Full Sheet and Half Sheet

Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Double Chip, Oatmeal, Oat-meal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Sugar, Krispie, Peanut Butter Oatmeal, Snickerdoodle, Ranger.
2 oz. or 1.5 oz.

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